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World Free of Nuclear Weapons & Culture of Peace
Fair Global Governance & Sustainability
Founded in February 1983


Be the Change Initiative

The adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, with its core set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are the UN’s blueprint for achieving a happier and healthier world by 2030. But how do we all manifest these goals in our own lives? The Be the Change Initiative provides an opportunity for all of us to better “walk the talk” when it comes to the SDGs. This initiative guides and encourages us to live more sustainable in work and at home by changing our consumption patterns, using active transport such as cycling, and buying local foods.


(This is an unofficial translation of the original text in German at, which is legally binding.)

1 -- Name and location of the association *

(1) The association is named
(2) The association has its seat in Berlin.

2 -- Purpose of the association

(1) The association pursues exclusively and directly public benefit activities within the meaning of section 'tax-privileged purposes' of the tax code. Purpose of the association is to promote international understanding through (2):

- Firstly, promoting interaction between cultural and scientific institutions of the countries of the Third World and the Federal Republic of Germany,

- Secondly, joint activities and exchange events between cultural and scientific institutions of the Third World and the German event-makers to encourage and advise without any selfish motives on these institutions on the practical implementation,

- Thirdly, to deepen, intensify and consolidate through these measures the relations of the Federal Republic of Germany to the developing countries and their relations with the Federal Republic of Germany, through cultural and scientific exchanges at all levels .

(2) The association perceives its special role in providing its good services particularly to organizers of events in the German cities, municipalities and regions, which have developed educational and cultural relations with partners in the developing world so far only sporadically and inadequately. The association promotes the establishment of further North-South fora on regional and local levels to the extent it is in a position to do so. (3)

(3) The objectives of the association are to be achieved in particular through

- contacts that members of the association may have,

- contacts with the accredited ambassadors in the Federal Republic of Germany in Third World countries,

- through the preparation of proposals for official cultural and exchange programs,

- through cooperation with German and foreign organizations, which pursue similar objectives as the association, by serving as a platform for DIALOGUE on a case by case basis through exchange of experience within the framework of HANDS (Human Development Services) (4)

- through circulars such as newsletters and general publications.

(4) The association's activities at public benefit. It does not pursue any commercial or similar activities.

3 -- Membership

(1) Members of the association may be natural or legal persons who are willing to promote the association's goals. The membership application is to be filed in writing to the Board, which decides on the membership.

(2) Institutions and individuals at home in Germany and abroad may by a resolution of the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Board be appointed as "corresponding members".

(3) Persons who have promoted the objectives of the association in a very special way, may be appointed as honorary members by a resolution of the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Board.

4 -- Termination of Membership

(1) The membership is terminated by

Voluntary withdrawal.
The withdrawal is communicated to the Board by a registered letter. It is possible only by the end of a calendar year. The withdrawal needs be notified six months in advance.

If a member has acted significantly against the interests of the association, it can be excluded with immediate effect by order of the Board. However, before such a decision is taken, the decision should be communicated to the member and it should a reasonable period of time to defend itself. The decision to expel must be substantiated and the member concerned informed by a registered letter.

Death or dissolution of the legal person.

(2) Should a member decide to leave the association for whatever reasons or should the association be closed down, members cannot claim a share in the association's assets.

5 -- Association's Funding

(1) The association obtains its funds through annual contributions, which are set by the Board in a review order, and donations or grants.

(2) The association's funds may only be used for statutory purposes. The members in their capacity as members of are not entitled to any payments from the association.

(3) No person may be remunerated for activities that are alien to the association's statute. Nor should any eventual payment be disproportionately high. (6)

6 -- Organs of the Association

(1) Organs of the association are

1. The members

2. The Executive Committee (Board).

(2) The General Assembly may set up committees for specific tasks and the Executive Board establish taskforces from its midst.

(3) By-elections to the Board are valid for the duration of the term of office of the Board.

7 -- General Meeting

(1) The Annual General Meeting takes place annually, preferably in the first half of the calendar year.
It endorses
1. the annual report of the Board;
2. the financial statements;
3. the exoneration of the Board;
4. other matters, which lie within the competence of the General Assembly by law or by statute.

(2) The General Assembly elects the Board pursuant to Paragraph 8

(3) Extraordinary general meetings are convened if
1. the interest of the association requires this
2. one-third of all association members ask for it in writing, stating the purpose and reasons to the Board.

(4) The General Assembly is convened by the Board by issuing invitations in writing with an agenda and at least two weeks in advance. The quorum is fulfilled if at least one quarter (7) of the members is represented by physical presence or by written proxy. Failing the required number of presence, the Board shall convene the ,meeting again within three weeks. This meeting will be in a position to take decisions regardless of the number of members present or represented through proxy. The invitation to the assembly must notify this.

(5) The General Assembly takes its decisions by a simple majority vote. Each member has one vote. A member present may also exercise the proxy for an absent member in only one case. Other proxies that are issued to the same member are invalid.

(6) Statutes require a majority vote of at least three-quarters of the members present.

(7) The decisions of the assembly are to be recorded in a protocol, which must be signed by the chairman of the Board and another Board member.

8 -- The Board

(1) The Board consists of at least two and not more than seven people. The Board determines from among its members the first Chairman, the second Chairman, the deputy to the first Chairman and the deputy to the second Chairman, who together form the Executive within the meaning of Paragraph 26 BGB. The association is represented by the co-chairs or their deputies. For the internal relationship it is determined that the deputies are to represent in the event that the respective chairmen are incapacitated or unable to join.

(2) The Board is elected by a resolution of the General Assembly for two years. Re-election is possible. Upon request, the election is by secret ballot.

(3) Before the election, the members may decide that instead of special by-elections in accordance with Paragraph 6 Paragraph 3 in case of the early retirement of Board members each of the candidates not elected will move into the Board, Those obtaining the highest number of votes will be elected.

(4) Should the activities of the association assume a proportion that exceeds the reasonable measure of a voluntary commitment to the purposes of the association, the members may decide that individual Board members receive remuneration for their services. No person may however be paid for activities that are alien to the objectives of the association, Nor should payments be disproportionately high.

9 -- Auditors

(1) The General Assembly may appoint one or more persons as auditors to audit accounts and to monitor the current business.

(2) At the request of the auditors, the Board shall immediately convene an extraordinary general meeting.

(3) If the General Assembly refuses to discharge the Board members, the association will be represented by the auditors until a new Board is elected.

10 -- Dissolution and Liquidation

(1) The dissolution of the association can only be decided at an extraordinary general meeting by a majority of three fourths of the members present or represented by proxy. This Assembly is to be convened at one-month's notice.

(2) In case of dissolution or annulment of the association or loss of public benefit status the assets of the association will be transferred to the German Red Cross. The German Red Cross will use this money directly and exclusively for charitable purposes in the Third World. (8)

11 -- Fiscal Year

(1) The financial year is the calendar year.

(2) The first and the last financial year are the so-called Rumpfgeschaeftsjahre (short business years). In these too full membership fees are to be paid.

12 -- Association Register

The association is registered in the associations register of the District Court of Berlin.
* Statute of 02.25.1983 as last amended by Decision of 25.02.2008. By resolution of the members of 25/02/2008 is the seat of the association of Bonn (Amtsgericht Bonn, VR 4876) to Berlin (Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, VR 27 717 B moved) and the Statute as amended in Paragraph 1 (Name and address of the association). Registration date: 02.06.2008
The original version of the Statute of 25 February 1983 founding the association is dated 2 May 1983.


The statute text numbers in brackets:

(1) as amended by resolution of the members of 23 January 1997.
(2) amended by resolution of the members of 22 March 2004.
(3) and (4) to and inserted by order of the meeting of 23 January 1997.
(5) Amended by decision of the meeting of 24 January 1991.
(6) as amended by resolution of the members of 22 March 2004.
(7) Amended by decision of the meeting of 27 January 1989.
(8) Amended by resolution of the members of 25 April 2001.


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