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Shared prosperity and well-being for all by 2030 is the target the international community has set itself in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted on September 25, 2015 at the UN Summit in New York. This joint media project with DEVNET Japan Foundation highlights sustainability - in the fields of development, environment and food and nutrition. DEVNET was founded by Roberto Savio in 1985 as an international Association with headquarters in Rome.

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ESCAP deckt Kluft-Erweiterung beim Breitband auf

Von Rakesh Jayawardene

NEU-DELHI (IDN) - Abgesehen vom umfänglich berichteten phänomenalen Wachstum bei der Informations- und Kommunikations-Technologie (ICT) in der Asien-Pazifik-Region hat eine neue Studie der UN-Wirtschafts- und Sozialkommission für Asien-Pazifik (ESCAP) erbracht, dass Breitbandfunktionen- und -Zugang stark   in Nord- und Nordost-Asien konzentriert sind.



ESCAP desvela la separación de banda ancha que no hace más que aumentar

Por Rakesh Jayawardene

NUEVA DELHI (IDN) – A pesar del increíble crecimiento en Tecnología de la Información y las Comunicaciones (ICT) en la región Asia-Pacífico del que se informa ampliamente, un nuevo estudio  de la Comisión Socioeconómica de las Naciones Unidas para Asia y el Pacífico (ESCAP), ha encontrado que las capacidades y el acceso a la banda ancha se concentran enormemente en el este y el nordeste de Asia.



ईएससीएपी ने ब्रॉडबैंड के बढ़ते विभाजन का खुलासा किया

 लेखक राकेश जयवर्धने

नई दिल्ली (आईडीएन) - एशिया-प्रशांत क्षेत्र में सूचना एवं संचार प्रौद्योगिकी (आईसीटी) के व्यापक रूप से प्रचारित अभूतपूर्व विकास के बावजूद, एशिया और प्रशांत क्षेत्र के लिए संयुक्त राष्ट्र के आर्थिक और सामाजिक आयोग (ईएससीएपी) द्वारा किए गए एक नए अध्ययन में पता चला है कि ब्रॉडबैंड की क्षमताएं और इसकी पहुंच काफी हद तक पूर्वी और उत्तरी-पूर्वी एशिया में केंद्रित है।



UN gibt nachhaltiger Entwicklung in Nord- und Zentralasien Auftrieb

Von Devinder Kumar

NEU-DELHI (IDN) – Innerhalb von Tagen nachdem Kasachstan für zwei Jahr – vom 1. Januar 2016 an – als nicht-ständiges Mitglied des UN-Sicherheitsrates gewählt worden war, bestätigte das Land „seine Verpflichtung zur partnerschaftlichen Arbeit, um den bedeutenden sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungsbedürfnissen der Menschen in Nord- und Zentralasien eine Stimme zu geben“.



संयुक्त राष्ट्र उत्तरी और मध्य एशिया में सतत विकास में तेजी लाएगा

लेखक देविंदर कुमार

नई दिल्ली (आईडीएन) - 1 जनवरी से शुरू करते हुए दो वर्षों के लिए संयुक्त राष्ट्र सुरक्षा परिषद के अस्थाई सदस्य के रूप में निर्वाचित होने के कुछ ही दिनों के भीतर कज़ाकस्तान ने "उत्तरी और मध्य एशिया के लोगों की सामाजिक और आर्थिक विकास संबंधी महत्वपूर्ण आवश्यकताओं को पूरा करने के लिए साझेदारी में काम करने की अपनी प्रतिबद्धता की पुष्टि कर दी है।"



Food is as Important as Medicine and Happiness

 Viewpoint by Naomi Yoshimura*

TOKYO (IDN) – While average life expectancy in Japan is the longest in the world, health expectancy, in terms of the period a person lives a healthy life without being constrained to receive care, is lagging far behind.

The Japanese people suffer the longest period of illness on average – ten years as compared to six to eight years in other developed countries. Japan also has the largest number of people in the world, who are 60-year old or even older. JAPANESE



Japanese Earthquakes Show Need for Disaster Prevention

By Toshiaki Kitazato*

KUMAMOTO, Japan (IDN) – In April this year, two major earthquakes struck Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu, southern Japan, where I live and work as a lawyer.

I was resting in my house when a magnitude 6.2 earthquake with an epicentre at a depth of around 11 km struck at 21:26 on April 14. Less than two days later, this was followed by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake at 1:26.

In fear of my life, I spent three nights in a car outside the house with my family. Luckily enough, all of us were safe and my house only received minor damage, while the walls surrounding my house collapsed. JAPANESE



Japan Aids Healthcare for Poor Mothers in Bangladesh

By Naimul Haq

DHAKA (IDN) – Twenty-year-old Aklima Khatun gave birth to her first child on August 27 at a small clinic run by the government. The clinic, known as community clinic (CC), offers affordable but reliable maternal health services. Unlike the widely adopted traditional home deliveries, Aklima chose safer delivery in the hands of skilled birth attendants and in a hygienic environment.



Light Installation and Cinema for Peace Screenings in Rio

By Courtesy of Cinema for Peace Foundation

RIO DE JANEIRO - The Olympics should have been a time of peace, but the world was at war. There were 19 wars and 16 war-like conflicts in the world during the Olympic Games. Overall, there are 409 conflicts, of which 223 are violent.

To shine a light on conflicts and to endorse the peaceful ideals of Olympic Games the initiative Sports for Peace, who hosted at the London Olympics Muhammad Ali's farewell, presented the 'Olympic Ideal of Peace' light installation in the Santa Marta Favela in Rio.



UN Spurs Sustainable Development in North and Central Asia

By Devinder Kumar

NEW DELHI (IDN) - Within days of being elected as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for two years beginning January 1, Kazakhstan has affirmed its “commitment to work in partnership to address the critical social and economic development needs of the people of North and Central Asia”.

An agreement for the purpose was signed on July 11 in Bangkok between the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the Government Kazakhstan. GERMAN | HINDI | JAPANESE | SPANISH





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